weight loss shakes expert - andyHi, my name is Andy. I was always the fat kid in school. I played water polo and there was always a token fat guy – I was that guy. As of 2010, I was fed up with being overweight and I decided to change things. I dedicated my life to finding out what worked and what didn’t – especially for hard-cases like myself. I went from over 24% body fat to under 10% and I’ve kept if off every since. My favorite method is utilizing weight loss shakes to keep daily calories down.I still enjoy some alcoholic beverages on the weekend and my favorite pastries – with moderation. Since then, I’ve been dedicated to helping others reach their weight loss goals. Starting with close friends and then branching out via word of mouth. I really enjoy seeing people transform. If you have a story yourself, feel free to drop a dime; I’d love to hear your story!