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Insanity: The Asylum

Everyone knows of the product, Insanity. It was one of the top, at-home, weight loss program on the market. Everyone and their mother swore by it. I even used it for a while and it kicked my ass! This was after 2 years of training! It’s a

10-Minute Trainer by Tony Horton

This program is for the busy working man or woman. The program claims to jam and hours worth or working out into 10 minutes – using Tony’s special technique called Super StackingĀ®. The kit that you purchase includes: 5 total-body workouts Cardio, Total-Body, Lower-Body, Abs and Yoga

BodyChange by John Cena

BodyChange isĀ  a great, basic program created by John Cena of the WWE. This program incorporates the basics of weight loss, nutrition and workouts with minimal effort that will get your body burning calories. The main focus of this diet portion of this program is whole foods.

Brazil Butt Lift

This workout was created directly for the ladies who want a firmer, tighter and lifted butt. Their website claims that the master of this workout, Leandro Carvalho worked with some of the top bikini supermodels around the world. And if you are in the fitness industry, Leandro