Colon Cleansing: Is It Doctor Approved?

Colon cleansing is a practice that has been done since the ancient times. Many people claim that this is something that everyone should do in order to free the body from harmful toxins that often cause illnesses. On the other hand, there are arguments among health practitioners regarding the safety of this practice. Here are a few things to consider about colon detox treatment before doing it.

Why do some doctors approve colon cleansing and some don’t? What should I follow?

Some doctors prescribe colon cleaning to prepare their patients for medical procedures such as colonoscopy. Others are recommended to undergo such process if they don’t have regular bowel movements, which of course, isn’t healthy for the body because the harmful substances are stuck in the intestines. Then again, some doctors don’t recommend such because there are risks associated with it, especially if the patient has very poor immune system. In facilities where colon cleansing apparatuses are not properly sanitized, patients may suffer severe infection and lose the electrolytes in their bodies. Another health risk is dehydration, because this type of cleansing tends to flush out everything in the colon.

Those who wish to undergo this type of treatment should consult their doctors first and talk about their health histories with complete honesty so that they would know whether or not they can go through this process safely. Patients who are taking certain medications should also take precaution to avoid health complications. As much as possible, only use disposable equipment for hygiene purposes and stay hydrated to prevent dehydration and loss of electrolytes after the treatment.

Since some doctors approve colon cleaning, can I do it on my own?

It is better to seek this treatment from a certified colon cleansing professional. This process is not as simple as it looks like and self-medication can bring complications, too. Rather than doing things by yourself, consult your medical provider and have yourself assessed to know when you really need colon cleansing.

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