Consistency Is Key

The one most important thing that I have learned in my journey through fitness is consistency. At times, you will look yourself in the mirror and see no change. You’ll get to the point of despair and think to yourself, “Nothing is happening. What am I doing wrong? What’s even the point?” There will be times when you’re at the gym, running or lifting and see many of the regulars, walking around in sleeveless shirts or tight pants and they look like a distant dream that you’ll never reach.

But the truth is, the only difference between them and you is time. Time and consistency. Change doesn’t happen overnight – at least not big change. The thing is, the change is incremental; little by little. The change is so small, that it’s unseen by the naked eye or even the scale.

In the beginning stages of your journey, it is important to ignore the thoughts in your head, ignore the small, if any, results that you are seeing, and focus on the big picture. The 6 month, the year, plan. Being in the gym for 4 weeks, or 6 weeks, is nothing. Staying on your diet for that amount of time is nothing as well. Starting off you usually have a picture in your head of where you want to be – this is good, this is motiviation. But it is also your downfall. A lot of people, if they don’t see that image in their head within a few weeks, they simply give up.

I want to challenge you, not to give up. I want you to continue with your journey, be consistent and stay focused. Don’t jump on the scale every night, you’ll be disappointed (you wanna weigh-in in the morning, by the way, before you eat or drink anything). Don’t check your body fat every day. You won’t see the results you want.

Instead, weight-in once a month or once every other week. Record your weight loss over the long term, look back and see the progress you’ve actually been making. Don’t compare yourself to the other people in the gym, compare yourself to the old you.

Move forward and be consistent! Consistency is key; ignore the negative thoughts and follow the process.


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