Easter Dinner – Should I Feel Guilty?


Today is Easter. And as the deep fried turkey is being cut, I have 0 second thoughts of avoiding such a feast. MovingĀ  away from your diet once in a while is definitely not beneficial to your overall weight loss goals, but its not a big indifference either.

As long as you know, and you are committed to getting back to your diet in the long-term, it is absolutely OK to indulge here and there. The important thing is the long-term success and consistency.

If you are in marketing or self-improvement, you have probably heard of the 80/20 concept. It basically states, that 80% of your success or results comes for 20% of your technique or methods.

With weight loss its a little different, I would say 80% technique or effort put forward contributes to your overall success and your overall results.

No one is perfect, especially not with dieting. If you consistently stay healthy and whole with what you eat and you’re replacing at least one of your meals with a weight loss shakes, you will achieve the results that you are looking for.

If you take 1 day here and there to indulge, during holidays or what have you, your results won’t be completely ruined. You will still be able to keep or achieve the physique you desire.

The primary concern is ensuring that in the long-term, you stick to the process that you know will get you the results you want.

So when you sit down this afternoon or later this evening, do not, whatsoever, feel guilty about the fried turkey, the honey roasted ham, the muffins or whatever else that wouldn’t normally coincide with your diet. Drink that wine and enjoy yourselves.

Because you deserve it. Happy Easter everyone, enjoy.


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