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Top of the line protein, mixed with an assortment of vitamins, probiotics, and natural fat burners. This weight loss shake will burn the fat and keep it off.

Pros: High source of protein, lasting full feeling, a great concoction of natural fat burners and low calorie meal replacement
Cons: High in energy supps, would recommend against using before bed

maximuscle promax diet weight loss shakesThis is the golden nugget of weight loss shakes. This chalks in at 228 calories, 37g of protein, and 10g of carbohydrates. The macros aren’t even this supplements best attributes, this shake is packed with probiotics and fat-loss chemicals like the 1500mg CLA.

It’s great for controlling hunger by increasing the feeling of fullness. It mixes nicely in water and tastes great.

In addition to the perfect amount of CLA, it also contains green tea extract, guarana, xylitol and B5. All working together to keep your lean mass stimulated, but kick your fat burners into high gear.

This weight loss shake comes highly recommended by all who use it, including myself.