Reflex Diet Protein
  • Weight Loss
  • Taste


This protein is great for weight loss because, it’s very tasty and it fills you up fast.

Pros: Great tasting, fills you up, perfect macros for weight loss
Cons: Medium priced and terrible bag reseal - I'd suggest getting a separate container for quality freshness

weight loss shakes reflect diet proteinThis weight loss shake is packed in with fat-burners, including CLA and greet tea extract. CLA is conjugated linolic acid, which is one of the essential fatty acids found densely in grass fed, healthy cows. This is a mean, natural fat burner that will help shred the stones off. I used this to get below 12% bf and it works like a charm. As for green tea extract, I have never used it but I have had a lot of friends that have had tons of success with increasing their metabolic rate and kicking their body into fat burning mode.

This shake has 36g of protein, to help build that muscle (more muscle the more fat you burn resting), 5.1g of carbs, which is good, low amount – depending on the type of carb, it gets absorbed into the blow stream and then turned directly into fat. And only a 196 calories per serving.