USN Diet Fuel
  • Weight Loss
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This weight loss shake it jam packed with vitamins and fiber, it keeps you nice and full, but is a little pricey.

Pros: Definite meal replacement, keeps you full, good source of vitamins and tastes fairly good
Cons: A little expensive

diet fuel protein weight loss shakesThis weight loss shake is jam packed with vitamins, it also has an extremely high fiber count. High fiber count means that is going to keep you fuller, longer and keep you regular. This protein is a little higher on the carbs at 16g, but it’s still low enough if you stay in the gym a little longer to burn it off.

I like this protein because it keeps you energized, full and has a strong multivitamin build. This has great customer reviews and tastes fairly good!

This supplement counts in at 25g protein, 16g carbs and 196 calories.